Private Swimming Lessons in Southwest London

Private swimming lessons in southwest London

One-to-one, or 1:1 or private swim lessons are popular.

Who Needs To Book Private Swimming Lessons?

Sometimes a learner-a child or an adult-would prefer or need complete attention from a swim instructor during their swim lessons.

Small or larger Group lessons could be a good choice if you are happy with tangible slower progressions that are made within reasonable timeframes which group lessons have. Even in groups of 3 or 4 kids in the lesson, the attention of the teacher is split between them so, you can imagine there is a big difference between haveing the full attention of the instructor or some of it. We recommend private swimming lessons, if one of the below is on your mind:

  • Nervousness: For a child or an adult who is particularly nervous about being in and around water and swimming, you must consider 1:1 lessons.
  • Faster progression: If you are keen to have a faster way to learn and progress in swimming, the full oattntion of the swim instructor in every lesson really helps.
  • Efficiency: If you wish to save time and be more efficient with their time everytime you attend the pool, go for priavte swim lessons.
  • Very specific swimming targets: articular aims and objectives for booking lessons like improving side breathing when swimming front crawl or improving swimming stamina can be worked on much better in private swim lessons

Private Swim Lessons at Blue Wave Swim School

In our private swim lessons, you will have a dedicated swim teacher who is able to spend all of the lesson time with with you or your child. Our teachers use the whole of 1:1 lesson time to mold the activities and practices around the needs of one swimmer; whether it is an adult or a child.

This way, swimmers can have a far more personalised approach.


We offer private swimming lessons in southwest London for children and adults; 1 to 99 years old.

Semi-Private Swimming Lessons in South West London For Siblings and Friends

We also offer lessons for two or three swimmers (1:2 and 1:3 lessons). Swimmers who want to share lessons with each other could be friends or siblings. In our 1:2 and 1:3 lessons, two swimmers or three swimmers can have one swim instructor and share lessons with each other if they are of similar age and have similar swimming abilities.

Our semi-private lessons are very popular options for those who want to book private lessons for their own children and want their kids to have lessons together or when friends from the same nursery or school would like to have swim lessons together. 

Semi-Private Swim Lessons For adults;

Semi-private swim lessons could be offered to couples or friends or family members who would like to book and have lessons together. It could only be a good option, if individuals who want to share lessons, also have similar swimming skills.

If you have a child (like a teenager) who would want to share lessons with you, we can help.

If you are particularly interested in booking 1:2 lessons for your child, please enquire about the possibility and wishing us to make the arrangement, please get in touch directly.

Please note, for adults, we cannot match you with other adults to share lessons.

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