Private Lessons for Nervous Swimmers

Who is a Nervous Swimmer?

Sometimes we come across children or adults who are not comfortable in water.

Regardless of age, these individuals find the concept of learning to swim very daunting.

Some may even visit swimming pools for occasional swims every now or then but, still not confident.

Lacking water confidence!

Are you one of those swimmers who constantly keep the head out of the water, or have to stop swimming when you feel you could go out of your depth?

Does you child find it scary to go in the pool without any floats and your full support? Does the idea of floating on the back with no support makes you or your child really nervous? 

Normally these are signs of not being comfortable with water or lack of water confidence.

Sometimes we see some learners specially children who absolutely dislike the idea of even putting their face in water. They can completely panic if water goes over their heads even in the shallow part of a pool.

Over the last 10 years we have met many adults who learnt to swim as a child but, never actually learnt to be relax in the water. So, they can only swim when they are confident that they can touch the bottom of the pool-again another sign of low water confidence.

nervous adult swimmer with a teacher in a poolPrivate (one-to-one) Swim Lessons For Building Water Confidence

Some children never had lessons as babies or toddlers and by the time they start as a pre-schooler or an school-aged child, they have some fear of water already formed in their brain which prevent them from forming a healthy and loving relationship with water first.

Getting Water Confidence is the Most Fundamental Part of Learning to Swim Regardless of Age.

Both for children and adults, sometimes group lessons don't provide the necessary environment to get water confident. If a person is really uncomfortable in water, he/she needs a one-to-one attention from a teacher throughout the lesson.

If you or your child have had swim lessons before but, you think there has been no tangible progression made, have you asked why?

It could be because a complete water competency (which is different to swimming competency) has not be achieved. 

If you are interested in getting over the fear of water, we can definitely help you with our private lessons.

Our swim teachers have plenty experience in providing private swim lessons for people who are not water confident.

If you or child is not happy in water but, very keen to learn to swim, you can have an initial consultation with us over the phone so, we can understand first, where the fear is originating from and then discuss how we can mould the lesson around your needs and goals.

Feel free to call us on 0208 090 1415 or alternatively submit an enquiry for private lesson by going to the below link.

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