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Swimming is one of the few sports that exercises the whole body and swimming is designed to be part of their formal education in England. Swimming is the only sport which is since 1994, has been part of the national curriculum for physical education (PE) for primary schools in England. All children are expected to be able to swim 25 meters before leaving primary school.

However, some schools may struggle to fit in swimming in the school timetable.  2017 Swim England study showed 250,000 children left primary schools that year without being able to swim or knowing the basics of water safety skills. The main reason provided was 'lack of sufficient quality swim lessons'.

Group swimming and a child swims front crawl in group lessons at Blue Wave Swimming Teacher for Primary Schools

Whether schools have their swimming pools or don't,  the main struggle for providing school swimming is normally related to the lack of confidence in classroom teachers to teach swimming specially to kids who don't know how to swim at all.

Even schools with swimming pools can struggle to offer quality lessons consistently as finding swimming teachers with expertise in teaching school swimming at the primary school level is not easy. But, here's how we can help schools.

If you are based in London or Surrey and your school has a swimming pool or your school has access to a swimming pool locally (which your children can easily travel to) and thinking about offering school swimming at your school or a close by location instead of travelling to your local leisure centres, please contact us.

We can help you with setting up your school swimming all year round.

Blue Wave Swim School's Swim Teachers

a swimming coaching is coaching a childOur swimming teachers can come to you and teach at a time that fits in with your schedule; ensuring minimum time is wasted and without the hassle of going off-site for lessons or travelling too far.

Our teams can travel within a 25 mile radius of Wimbledon and all of or teachers and Swim England (ASA) or STA qualified and  DBS checked.

Our swim teachers have attended local schools in Wimbledon to enable the inclusion of swimming in the timetable and save budget and time by cutting out transportation.

This has proven to be very popular and lets the children have fun and learn by doing something different and try something they may otherwise have little chance to experience.

One of Merton's outstanding schools, Bishop Gilpin, is one of the local schools that we had the pleasure to work within 2019. Blue Wave Swim supplied the swim teachers and taught all of their Year 2  school swimming lessons during 2019 Summer term.

Here is what they say about our services

testimonial from Bishop Gilpin School in Wimbledon about school swimming services from Blue Wave Swim School


Are you a school or a nursery interested in offering swimming

If you are a school (or nursery) and wish to contact us and discuss how we can help you by supplying DBS checked qualified swim teachers, please call us 0208 090 1415 or email:info@bluewaveswim.co.uk or

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