Where to find and what to expect from intensive swim lessons during holidays

Planning Your Children’s Easter School Holidays in London

Easter has arrived and unless you are going away, you have your children at home for two weeks.

Have you planned fun things for them already? There are always familiar activities that come to mind like Dance, Football, tennis, and of course, swimming that are the most popular activities to book for kids over the long school holidays.

Where to find Intensive Swim Lessons in London

London’s diverse range of swim schools can or cannot offer intensive swim lessons for children over the school holidays. So, it means they don’t all do it.

There are places that you may like to explore:

A group of toddlers ina swimming lesson in water

Local Leisure Centres

The majority of local leisure centres do offer weekly lessons but do not always offer intensive swimming courses.

And even if they do offer children swimming crash courses, they may not offer lessons for all ages and abilities.

The nature of the lessons at local leisure centres are based on large groups- could be from 6 to 12 children per class, depending on the centre- and even when they do offer crash courses, considering they may not have enough numbers to create large groups for just 5 days, they don’t run intensive lessons for all swimming abilities. So, your best bet is to contact each of your local leisure centre in London and find out.

Pools in Schools, Colleges, Universities And Community Centres

There are some schools in London which do have their own pools and gyms and would let people of their local community to use their facilities (not free though). Sometimes, depending on the structure and whether facilities are staffed over the school holidays and open, they may offer intensive swim lessons. So, find out if any of the schools around you have a pool and if yes, whether they let people from outside to use them for lessons.

Private Swim Schools

teaching private swimming lesson to a childSome Private swim schools in London like Blue Wave Swim school, do offer intensive swimming lessons over the school holidays.

Becuase we offer private lessons during school holidays, that enables us to private lessons to all ages and all swimming abilities.

We think when a swim instructor can focuse on one learner during each lesson, the individual attention and tailored instruction, make our 1:1 intensive swim lessons more progressive. Over the years many parents have provided us with plenty of feedback that based on that we think a 5-Day intensive course is a fast-track approach for a child during his/her learn-to-swim journey, regardless of their age and skill level. From mastering basic strokes to developing advanced techniques, in our intensive private swim lessons, our swim instructors can give personalised feedback and coaching to help your child achieve his/her goals in a shorter space of time.

Don’t let overthinking of ‘how fast your child will learn to swim’ hold you back any longer. If you think it’s time for your child to make a splash and embrace the joy of learning to swim, start with a crash course.

And even if you are an adult, why not get ready to transform yourself into a confident and skilled swimmer with the help of our intensive swim lessons in London.

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