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We are proud to be a Wimbledon-based swim school, and we strongly believe that swimming excellence starts with the right and strong foundation. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn to blow your first bubbles or an experienced swimmer aiming to improve, our private swimming lessons can be moulded to meet the individual needs of children or adults.

A child learns to swim in a private swim lesson in Wimbledon at Blue Wave Swim SchoolIn our private lessons, our experienced swimming instructors focus solely on you, providing personalised attention to help you build strength, improve technique, and boost water confidence.

In the 25 meter swimming pool in Wimbledon that we run our lessons, we offer a comfortable and appropriate environment where the learning experience of every swimmer can be maximised.

With our expert swim teachers, every swimmer- whether is a child or an adult- can develop a strong swimming foundation and built up on their skills.

Learning essential skills such as kicking, arm actions and breathing techniques are so important for doing proper stroke technique and becoming an advanced swimmer.

Our instructors are passionate about helping every swimmer achieve your goals, regardless of their level and will work with you every step of the way.

Whether your goal is to become a competitive swimmer, prepare for a triathlon, or simply enjoy the water with confidence, our private lessons in Wimbledon can help you to unlocking your full potential and progress.

Dive into excellence and book private swimming lesson today with Blue Wave Swim School.

Main Benefits of Private Swimming Lessons

At our swim school, we understand that every learner is unique.

Every person could be at good at some parts  and have weaknesses in other parts of learning to swim. And, although everyone wants to learn to swim, everyone has somehow different goals.

That’s why we really know by offering customized lessons that are tailored specifically around each individual’s need can result into the most time efficient way of  teaching swimming. Our instructors work closely with you to assess your current skill level, address any areas of improvement, and design a lesson plan that suits your requirements.

private swim lessons in Wimbledon, south London

Here’s how our customized swimming lessons can benefit you:

1. Assessing Swimming Skills

Before starting teaching the first private lessons, our instructors will spend 5-10 mins to comprehensively assess the swimming abilities of each swimmer.

They will help the swim teacher to know where each swimmer is at. And, what they need to work on short term and long term to improve. It could be improving technique or confidence or stamina or all.

This assessment allows our teachers to gauge swimmers’ skill level accurately and identify areas that need most attention.

2. Setting Realistic Goals

Based on the initial assessment, our instructors will work to take swimmers through the ‘learn to swim’ journey. In our swim school we use Swim England’s 1-7 stage system (1-7) to set realistic and achievable goals for school-aged children.

For toddlers (under 3’s) and pre-schoolers, we use the Duckling Awards designed by Swim England.

For adults, whether you aim to improve your speed, master a specific stroke, or gain confidence in deep water, our private lessons  will be designed to help you reach your own objectives and goals. Adult swimmers can have a conversation with their teachers to set clear goals. This is so important for maintaining focus and motivation throughout your swimming journey.

3. Tailoring Each Lesson

Once your goals are established, our instructors will design and deliver each lesson to move towards the identifed goals. Lessons are structured in order to gradually progresses in difficulty, allowing each learner to build upon previous skills and knowledge. Depending on each level, every lesson include a variety of drills, practices, and even games.

The focus on technique, will be one swimming stroke (for stages 3 and above for school-aged children) per lesson.

Our aim is to develop a well-rounded swimmer.

4. Adapting to Your Learning Style

We understand that everyone has a different learning style. Some individuals may learn best through visual demonstrations. Some may prefer hands-on teaching with the help of swim teacher in the water.

Our instructors know how to adapte their teaching methods to suit different swimmers. For example, ASD children, like short and precise instructions and love repetitions. So, our teachers adjust the their lessons for teaching ASD children accordingly.

In every lesson, plenty opportunities will be provided to practice each swimming skill correctly to refine different water skills.

5. Monitoring Progression and Adjustments

Throughout your private lessons, our instructors will continuously monitor progression. They make necessary adjustments to their lesson plans based on progressions. And, they will provide regular feedback on improvements.

We celebrate milestones achievement by issuing certificates and badges.

Our swimming teachers are committed to ensuring that every lesson is challenging, engaging, and motivating.

By taking private swimming lessons, we empower you to achieve the results you desire in the shortest space of time possible but, please be realistic with your goals.

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