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Swimming Lessons For Different Age Groups

We offer swimming lessons for all age groups; toddlers, pre-schoolers, school-aged and adults.

You can read a short description of the different type of swimming lessons which we offer depending on the age and swimming ability of swimmers.

Under 3’s Classes: Toddler Swimming Classes

Toddler classes are suitable for children who are under 3.5 years old. Before the pre-school stage of lessons, for children under 3 years old, we offer group toddler lessons which needs an adult like a parent to be in the water with your child. 

Parents can be in water with their kids up to age 3.5 years old.

These classes are the best way to introduce your child to water and swimming.

These classes aim to build water confidence and learn the basics of swimming, mainly through fun games, toys, and songs.

A father with his toddler at toddler swim class at Blue Wave Swim School

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Swimming Lesson Options for 3+ year-olds (pre-schoolers and school-aged)

From 3 years of age and above, children can have lessons without parents being in water with them.

We could offer private, semi-private (2 children with 1 teacher) or small groups (3 children per class) lessons.

To join our group lessons from 3 years old and up, children should be ready to follow instructions from a swim teacher and happy and confident in water.

swimming lessons for pre-school children

Children’s Private Swimming Lessons

We offer private (one-to-one or 1:1) swimming lessons to all age groups including pre-schoolers, school-aged and teens.

For swimmers who are nervous about swimming or are after a specific type of progression; for example learning to breathe when swimming front crawl, private (1:1) lessons are the best choice.

With private lessons, you can rest assured our swim teachers can mold their lessons only around your needs and goals.

We also offer private swimming lessons to children with special needs including children on the Autism spectrum.,

private swimming lessons in south west London at Blue Wave Swim School


Semi-Private (1:2) Swimming Lessons for Children

We also offer semi-private swimming lessons. Semi-private lessons mean there are two swimmers who share lessons and will have one swimming teacher.

Semi-private or 1:2 swim lessons could be offered to siblings or friends who would like to share lessons, for children, they need to be of similar ages and have similar swimming abilities. 

Small Groups (max of 3 Children per Class)

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Adult Swimming Lessons; Private and Semi-Private

Swimming with correct stroke technique is what is needed to be able to lap swimming and it’s never too late to learn to swim. A wide spectrum of adults have had swim lessons with us over the years. Whether you want to just learn to be able to feel confident in the water or learn or perfect your technique in a specific stroke, for example getting Front Crawl’s side breathing right or be able to swim Breaststroke or Backstroke, our 1:1 adult swim lessons can help you to reach your goals.

You can choose between private and semi-private lessons (1:2). But, the option of semi-private can be only offered to adults who would like to share their swim lessons with a friend or a family member who has similar swimming abilities.

Our Fees and Term Dates

If wondering if private swimming lessons are worth it!

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