Private Swimming Lessons

Private Swimming Lessons in Southwest London

One-to-one, or 1:1 or private swimming lessons are all referring to lessons that a learner-a child or an adult- is having lessons on their own with just one teacher. It is formed of one swimming teacher is teaching only one person in the lesson.

Who Benefits from Private Swimming Lessons?

Sometimes a learner-a child or an adult-would prefer or need complete attention from a swim instructor during lessons.

Small group lessons could be a good choice if you are happy with tangible slower progressions that are made within reasonable timeframes which group lessons have.

Even in small groups of 3 children per class (1:3 lessons), the attention of the teacher is split between three learners so, there is a difference between having the full attention of your swimming instructor or some of it.

We recommend private or 1:1 swimming lessons if one or more of the below list is applied:

  • Learner is Nervous: For a child or an adult who is particularly nervous about being in and around water and swimming, you must consider 1:1 lessons.
  • Time matters to you: If time or saving time is important to you, hence learning and progress in swimming should matter. That is why in 1:1 lessons with the full attention of the instructor in every lesson, you are almost guaranteed a faster progression rate.
  • Efficiency: If you wish to save time and be more efficient with your time and focus on a specific goal like improving front crawl side breathing, 1:1 lessons are a must.
  • Having Specific Targets: particular swimming aims and objectives like improving front crawl side breathing or improving stamina to compete in a triathlon can be worked on only in private lessons.

Why Book 1:1 Lessons with Us!

For more than 13 years of private swim lessons, we have shown that with a dedicated team of swimming teachers who know what they are doing, private lessons save time and energy for you and your family. Our teachers use 100% of each private lesson time to mold the activities and practices around the needs of one swimmer; whether it is an adult or a child or whether students are complete beginners or advanced levels.

A personalised approach is a key to teaching swimming efficiently.

We offer 1:1 swimming lessons in southwest London; from 1 to 99 years old.

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