Client’s Testimonials

Mr Miller

My son has been going to swimming lessons at Blue Wave in Wimbledon for a few years now and thoroughly enjoys it. The teaching is great and the lessons well run. Helps to prepare him for when we finally get to go on holiday again!

September 26, 2020


Blue Wave Swim School

Great swim school with super swim teacher

August 23, 2019

John D

Highly Recommended

My son went to improve his swimming technique and found his instructor very helpful, very kind and patient. The school itself is very welcoming and feels safe for all the children who go there. I would highly recommend it.

August 23, 2019


Excellent results

My son is 4 years-old and we were looking for weekend swimming classes in a nice environment that could bring good results. After some research we chose Blue Wave Swim. Our son has been having private lessons since the end of 2018 and he is progressing very well. We believe the professionalism of the team, the clean and tidy infrastructure, and the good care of the management are contributing for his development and confidence in the water. Thank you very much Blue Wave Swim!

August 23, 2019

Silvio Fattore


I am grateful to Marjan and her team at Blue Wave Swim for their hard work and for promoting happiness and enjoyment in swimming. It is amazing to watch the lessons, see the attention, the encouragement and the support the children receive. I have been impressed with my daughters’ progress and the fact that they love attending their classes and learning a vital life skill. Thank you very much. Great job!

August 23, 2019


Superb Swimming School in Wimbledon

My daughter, who is now 7 years old, started with blue wave two years back and we have been very happy with her progress at the school. Initially we started with group lessons but once she got comfortable in water we moved her to semi private lessons, which made a lot of difference in her ability to learn swimming. As part of the smaller group she is better bonded with other children in the group and gets more attention from the swimming instructor, which is helping her advance her swimming skills. During her 2 years with blue wave, swimming instructors for my daughter have changed and while continuity in learning was maintained, I think this could have been managed better. Needless to say, she still goes and enjoys her time here and looks forward to her class every week. Overall we are very pleased with Blue Wave and would recommend them without any hesitation.

August 23, 2019


Highly recommend

Highly recommend this swimming school. My daughter has been attending since she was 1 years old and she loves it. The teachers are very good with children and my daughter, who is now 4 years old is very confident in the water.

August 23, 2019

Ian Doig

Confident swimming

I’d like to thank Marjan and her team in particular Darren who has developed my 5 year old daughter Millie over the last 2 years into a confident young swimmer. It takes time to develop this confidence and having two older children who also went to Blue wave I know how important it is not to rush the childs development of confidence in the water.

August 23, 2019

Wendy Longman


My daughter loves swimming! Since attending Blue Wave Swim School lessons her water confidence is high and that gives us peace of mind when she is playing near water. The staff are fantastic and the lessons are fun!

August 23, 2019

Kristian Wiggert

Excellent Wimbledon Swimming School

Our children, now ages 9 and 7, have been taking lessons with Blue Wave since early 2017. They have made great progress with their swimming skills. We have been very impressed with the teaching and personalised attention both children have received. Best of all they enjoy and look forward to their lessons. The location is also convenient for Wimbledon residents.

August 23, 2019