Swimming Pool in Putney

Venues Location: Putney Leisure Centre SW15

  • Thursdays 2.30 pm to 3.30 pm

Baby & Toddler Swimming Lessons in Putney (3 months to 4 year olds)

Putney Leisure Centre Is Now Open.  We Are Planning to Re-Start our Baby and Toddler Classes After Mid-September 2020.

On Thursdays, our 'Parent & Toddler' swimming lessons (suitable for toddlers) take place at teaching pool of Putney Leisure Centre which is located off Upper Richmond Road, in Putney, Wandsworth. Our 'Parent & Child' Swimming class is at 2.30 pm on Thursdays and suitable for children from 14 months old upwards. As of Thursday 5th of March 2020, we'll add a new baby swim class for babies aged 14-16 weeks at time of 3.00 pm at this location. The address is: Putney Leisure Centre, Dryburgh Rd, Putney, London SW15 1BL.A walking distance from Putney train station. Access by car is also easy and there’s free parking on site. Free parking for two hours.

Pool's Size & Depth

The swimming pool is a 12-metre indoor heated swimming pool with the water temperature set at 31.5°C throughout the year, perfectly nice and warm for little ones. The pool is regularly tested to make sure the appropriate standards of hygiene are being maintained. The shallow end is 0.8 metres deep and the max depth is 0.9 meters. At this depth, most three-year-olds are able to touch the bottom of the pool making it an ideal place for pre-schoolers to begin their learn-to-swim journey. Being able to reach the bottom enables them to confidently enjoy the water. Putney leisure centre's teaching swimming pool has two fun slides too.  Many London pools do not have this facility. The venue is well supplied with all the teaching aids - such as mats, floats and noodles, required for teaching swimming so there is no requirement to bring along additional swimming equipment to lessons.

Changing Facilities

There are spacious changing rooms for boys/men and girls/ladies and family changing rooms with baby changing boards and nappy bins. There are plenty of warm showers and toilets. There are lockers but, you need padlocks for locking them. Plenty of hooks for hanging your clothes and towels. We do ask parents and carers to make sure they leave the changing facilities in a clean condition and put any used nappies (normal nappies or water nappies) in nappy-bins and to take all their belongings with them home.

Observatory & Waiting Area:

Parents, carers and siblings are welcome to spectate from the observatory area where there is plenty of space to sit around the poolside and watch the lessons. There are vending machine ad a nice cafe at this venue so, parents are able to purchase food or drink (hot and cold) at this venue after the lessons.

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