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Swimming is a Fun Sport at Blue Wave Swim

All parents want their children to have a healthy lifestyle and we know, staying active a vital part of staying healthy.

We know a Happy Child is and Active Child

People of all ages- adults, teenagers and children- can keep active through sports and participation in other structured activities like walking or dance.

But, recent studies have shown, across different age groups, children who regularly take part in sports and structured activities like swimming lessons enjoy several other benefits.

Actually, a large study in Australia showed how participation in swimming lessons, especially in early-years, boosts children’s mental health and academic performance at school.

Benefits of Swimming for Children

Generally, children who do sports, develop stronger muscles and bones and better coordination. Sporty children also develop better social skills and mental well-being which comes with the enjoyment of playing and having fun with other children in a safe environment.

Nothing could boost a child’s self-esteem and self-confidence more than being selected for his/her school’s team.

Importance of Having a Technique in Swimming

Although some sports like football, the focus of coaches is mainly on teaching children on how children should play together, swimming is different. In individual sports like swimming, having correct individual technique is the most important thing in order to become a confident swimmer.

In swimming, there is a strong connection between technique and how far and how fast individuals can swim. So, to be a good swimmer, plenty of learning and practices must take place to get the technique right.


Blue Wave Swim School is an award winning swim school and we believe all children benefit from learning to swim. Our main aim is to ensure that every child firstly develops a positive approach towards water and swimming is learnt that can last a lifetime. That is why we spend a great deal of time on teaching even the most basic skills of swimming like floatation and kicking thoroughly from the word ‘get-go’.

In swimming technique is everything.

A child swims backstroke

So, it is vital that that children learn to swim with the right technique from the beginning. There are no shortcuts in learning the techniques properly and it is all about practice, practice and more practice.

One of the advanced swimmers at Blue Wave Swim School showing his medals after winning swimming competitions for his school

Blue Wave swim School’s Swim Teachers

Our swimmers are taught by a team of qualified, enthusiastic, inspirational and professional swim teachers and coaches who are really rare to find.

Our swim teachers and coaches always encourage our swimmers to perform any kind of exercise with good technique. Once they can swim with the expected technique.

Our swimming teachers always add elements of fun in the swimming lessons but, more importantly, they pay a great deal of attention to keep challenging swimmers with a more advanced practices  at every swimming lessons.

After achieving Stage 7 of ‘Swim England National Teaching Plan for Swimming’, our swimmers will be at the stage that we call them confident and competent swimmers. It means, from then on, they can swim for leisure as part of a healthy lifestyle or participate in the sport of swimming for the rest of their lives. However, if there are any of our swimmers who have already developed a particular talent and interests in water-based sports, and would like to progress further, we have the expertise and contacts to help them to get connected with the local swim clubs.

Many of our swimmers enjoy swimming for schools and represent their schools in different competitions.

At Blue Wave Swim School the important role of swimming in a healthy lifestyle of children is well understood.

Swimming also helps children to develop skills in communication, following instructions, organisation and confidence. So, the way we approach teaching swimming, it improves mental health and social skills of our swimmers in addition to their physcial heallth.

So, we are so pleased that at Blue Wave, we impact children’s lives by encouraging and supporting them to have a much healthier lifestyle.

At Blue Wave Swim School, swimmers of all ages learn not only the technical aspects of swimming but also, they get the mental and emotional preparation needed to be successful in the sport of swimming and life in general.

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