The Health Benefits of Swimming

healthy family swimmingSwimming is a great form of exercise. When you swim, your whole body is involved in the exercise, in other words, swimming utilises most major muscle groups in your body, and that’s why swimming is such a great way to keep fit and stay fit – the benefits of swimming are not just rumours.

Swimming is an activity which gives all individuals a freedom of movement. All body parts; limbs, neck, toros and head can move in all directions in one of the most gentle envirounments  which is water. Water itself is a very relaxing substance which provides all humans, regardless of their age, a sense of calm and tranquility. Being in water is soothing for all of us, specially for children.

Family swims also are great occasion for both adults and kids to spend quality time together and enjoy doing physical activity together in a fun enviroument and form fond memories.

Other advantages of swimming and doing physical activities in water is that, for people who may have some restriction of movements in their bodies, due to old or new injuries, and exercise can bring about some discomfort, exercising in water is less painful or sometimes it is pain free. Because body is supported by water when you are in a swimming pool, it is safe to do lots of weight-bearing activities which are normally could be hard to do in land, due to pain or lack of flexibility around the joints.


You can read more about the benefits of swimming by clicking here.

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