Marjan Moosavi, The Founder

Hello from me, the owner and founder of Blue Wave Swim School.  I started Blue Wave Swim School in February 2010- it is 14 years now- following decades of being part of the swimming world. I have been a coach in other sports as well as a health and fitness trainer for 20 years+.

I simply love sport and no wonder my swimming teaching and coaching career started when was a teenager.


Marjan Moosavi founder of Blue Wave Swim School

I was a competitive swimmer and as a teenager and young adult, I swam for my school, County and University.

I became a qualified Swim England (formerly know, ASA) swimming teacher and coach since 1995.

I also holds an MSc in Sport Sciences (Brunel University) and a PGCE in Learning and Teaching (University of North London).

Between 2000 and 2008, I was a senior lecturer in Sport Sciences and Exercise Physiology at two major U.K universities.

But, the love of swimming took me to the U.S.A and I spent a year teaching and coaching swimming there.

Then I put all of my experience and zest for learning, for really developing myself to be a true swimming teaching expert.

My swimming teaching expertise covers everyone; from babies to senior citizens. And, over the last few years I have further my knowledge and experience on teaching ASD children.

I believe my parents nurtured a passion for sport in me from a young age and my father encouraged me to be active from a tiny age.

My own daughter grew to be a club swimmer and also passionate about football, gymnastics and dance.

I’m an avid sports fan and has also taught, coached and lectured on a variety of sports and sport sciences at different education levels, from primary schools to university level.

As a local mum in southwest London, I also have a good insight into what is happening in the local community of southwest London.

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Sharing My Love of Swimming in My Blogs

I write and my pieces have appeared in several publications; from local parents’ magazines to elite scientific journals including Journal of Sports Sciences.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience of swimming through my blogs and social media. I

truly think the more people know about the benefits of learning to swim and the best swimming teaching practices, the more people will take up swimming both as sport and leisure activity.

I have been an award-winning blogger since 2017 and the blog section of this website has been named one of the top 10 U.K swimming bloggers.

In 2024, Blue Wave Swim School’s blogs ranked as No 2 in the 45 Best UK Swimming Blogs and Websites by feedspot.com.

My vast and diverse teaching experience and modern research are the pillars of my blogs.

I also share tips on YouTube in every way I can.

Here are the answers to the 5 popular swimming questions asked by parents here.

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