How Long Will It Take To Learn to Swim?

A competent swimmer is a swimmer who travels in water independently, smoothly and efficiently with good technique. Swimming can look really easy when one watches good swimmers, but it is actually very technical. If you have been watching any TV coverage of 2017 FINA World Championships which is on now, you know what I mean. Swimming Read More

5 Water-Safety Tips For Your Summer Holidays

With warmer weather and school holidays on the horizon, most families have already started planning their summer trips. More likely you will be spending your summer break somewhere warm with an easy access to a nice swimming pool or sandy beaches or a lake or river-your family will be around water. Water is fun and Read More

Building Happy & Life-long Swimmers – French Style!

My journey to discover how Blue Wave Swim School’s learn-to-swim programme could continue to improve took me to Paris recently.  Attending the French Federation for Aquatic Activities for Early-Years & Leisure (FAAEL) ’s 35th anniversary international congress in April  was a great opportunity to deepen my understanding about the French learn-to-swim approach. Some of the Read More

Private versus Group Swimming Lessons

The decision whether to select private or group swimming lessons doesn’t always simply boil down to the cost implications, there’s more to consider…. A child or an adult could be unsure about water for various reasons: Bad past experiences Lack of exposure to water at an early age (0-3 years old) Parents themselves ill at Read More

10 Fragen zum Schwimmen lernen – werden von Expertinnen aus Österreich beantwortet

Ich freue mich sehr mit zwei Kolleginnen und Schwimmexpertinnen – Anitra Boszotta und Marion Falzeder, Expertinnen sowohl für das Schwimmen lernen als auch für Babys und Kleinkinder – in diesem Blog zusammenzuarbeiten. Anitra und Marion geben hier Einblick in ihre Arbeit, in dem sie die 10 wichtigsten Fragen  beantworten, die Eltern über das Schwimmen lernen wissen Read More