Swimming Crash Courses’ FAQs

FAQs: Our answers to the fifteen most frequently asked questions about our swimming crash courses.

1) What is a swimming crash course? 

Swimming crash courses are 5-day courses that are offered normally during school holidays. Each course normally includes a swimming lesson every weekday of the week, during weekdays, Monday to Friday.

summer swimming crash courses for children

2) What are  swimming crash courses? 

Swimming crash courses are 5-day courses that each of them includes 5 lessons every week; Monday to Friday.

In summer, swimming lessons run every weekday during 4 weeks of school summer holidays in July and August.

With us, there’s a minimum of one week of crash courses or a maximum of 4 weeks.

3) What is the difference between swimming intensive courses and crash courses? 

Nothing. They are the same. Intensive or crash courses are when swimmers are required to attend swimming lessons or coaching sessions daily, back-to-back days.

4) Which swimming pools does Blue Wave Swim School’s use for it’s school holidays swimming crash courses?

We use Aspire centre in Southfields, Wandsworth (SW18 5JU) and two pools in Wimbledon, Wimbledon College and Wimbledon High School in Wimbledon (SW19 4AB) to provide our swimming lessons for the local communities mainly in Wandsworth and Merton. You can read about pool locations and details of facilities at Aspire Centre and Wimbledon High. 

5) What times are the lessons running during crash courses?

At Blue Wave Swim School, normally we run our lessons in the morning times and over the summer school holidays also at noon and early afternoons. You can see our timetable here.

6) How long is each daily lesson or session?

Minimum of 30 mins and a maximum of 60 mins.

7) In crash courses, can I book my lessons to be longer than 60 mins a day?

Yes, you can, but, it could be really tiring to do longer sessions daily for 5 days in a row. 

8) I have other commitments so, I only want to book 1 or 2 days of a crash course. Will I be charged for all 5 days of the course?

Unfortunately, the booking is for a full week (5 daily lessons) and ad-hoc booking is not normally offered.

9) Why do I see different fees between different swim school’s for their swimming crash courses? 

Depending on the format of lessons during the crash courses and the type of pools used, the charges between swim schools may vary. At Blue Wave Swim School, we only offer lessons at 25-meter pools which are professionally run and managed. We also only offer private (1:1) or semi-private lessons -no group lessons. Places that offer group lessons tend to be cheaper.

10) Is Blue Wave’s swimming crash courses only for children?

No. We offer lessons to all ages. Since our lessons are only private and semi-private, we can cater to all ages including adults ; from 0 to 99 years old.

11) I am an adult and never learned to swim as a child. Are summer swimming crash courses suitable for me?

Yes, our 1:1 adult intensive courses can help you with improving your water confidence and learning the basics of swimming specially before going away on your summer holidays. But, if you are a complete beginner, you need to continue with more lessons to become a confident and competent swimmer after your holidays.

summer swimming crash courses for children and adults

12) I am an advanced swimmer but, I want to improve. Are intensive courses only suitable for beginners or an advanced swimmer can also benefit from doing a course?

Not at all. Since our lessons are only private lessons, we can hold every lesson and session based on the wishes and wants of each swimmer. Many children and adults although are good swimmers, they still do crash courses with us to improve certain elements of their swimming. For example, they might need extra coaching to improve their side breathing when swimming Front crawl or learn how to swim a new stroke like Breaststroke, or learn how to dive and race. We have a very experienced teaching team who can help every learner; from a complete beginner to an advanced level. Some of our teachers were competing at the national level, so every aspect of swimming coaching is possible with us.

13) If I miss a lesson during a crash course, can I move the lesson to another date or get a refund or credit for any missed lessons?

Unfortunately no.

14) Are swimming crash courses better than weekly termly lessons?

Swimming crash courses give more rapid progress and in terms of time efficiency, they are much better. You can get 2 terms worth of swim lessons which need at least 6 months of weekly commitment, with 4 weeks of crash courses. Swimming crash courses are designed to provide concentrated and focused learning over a short period through daily lessons. This allows swimmers to make significant progress in a short amount of time. However, weekly lessons can be more relaxed and typically follow a progressive curriculum, allowing swimmers to learn swimming skills gradually and in a structured manner over a longer period of time. This can be beneficial for those who prefer a steady learning pace.

Whether weekly swimming lessons or swimming crash courses are better depends on your preferences, goals, and learning styles. Each option has its own set of benefits.

15) How many days does it take to learn to swim?

Everyone is different and we don’t have a specific number of lessons that for sure can tell you, everyone needs to learn to swim. Generally, though, children learn faster than adults and people who are already water-confident can pick up technique faster than those who are nervous. 

We have addressed this question in more detail in this blog.

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