Can Swimming Instructors Teach From the Poolside?

How Swimming Teachers Should Teach Swimming Lessons

Feels it was a long time ago but, it was a joy for all swim instructors to resume teaching in April 2021 after the pandemic. When pool re-opened after the 3rd lockdown, in U.K, many places decided not to have their swim teachers to teach in the water anymore- only teaching from the poolside.

After re-opening of swimming pools post COVID, we noticed people who live within our locality in southwest London (Wimbledon, Putney & Southfields), show a  great interest in booking private lessons and they wanted to ensure the swim instructors will be in water to teach and support.

nervous adult swimmer with a teacher in a pool

Should Swimming Instructors Be in Water in Swim Lessons?

The answer could be “Yes” or “maybe”. It is for the swimming instructors and swim schools to determine what they deem the most appropriate for teaching lessons.  For example for beginners level, nervous swimmers and ASD children, our swim instructors always teach in the water.

We think, teaching swimming specially the beginners and small children who are non-swimmers, is best done when teachers are in water. This is how a full support could be provided to learners so, they can be confident with what they are doing during the lessons.

Differences Between Swim School on Teachers in Water Policy

teaching swimming in water

Normally, it’s still up to organisations, swim schools and individual swim instructors to make the decision to whether to teach in water or teach from the poolside.

At our swim school, our teachers are in water and teaching lessons in water if needed and think swimmers need extra support in water. Normally up to stage 4 of swim England NTPS, our teachers are in water.

So, if you had stopped swimming because you were unsure about instructor being on the poolside reduces the efficiency of teaching and lessons, you can have a conversation with the teacher and see if they could be happy to teach in water.

Swim teachers can be in water, if they want to.

Written and published by Marjan Moosavi.

For any enquiries, please email:info@bluewaveswim.co.uk or go to contact page.



Marjan Moosavi, founder of Blue Wave Swim is with a group of her swimmers.

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