Technique Correction & Triathlon Coaching

Swimming Well!

If you are one of the 2/3 of the adult population in England whom believe they can swim, but you are here on this page, it's very likely you think you are swimming is not your strength.

The main reason that people cannot swim fast enough or do a fair distance, is means your technique needs some work.

If you are looking for why every swimmer must have a good technique and how it can benefit you, here's are the reasons:

Better Technique= Better Swimming

Improving your stroke technique can drastically improve your overall swimming.

You can get more efficient, you can swim faster and longer, and get more confidence in the water.

Technique in swimming is so important that being able to move through the water efficiently determines how well and how far you can swim.

Your technique is more important than your fitness level in swimming

front crawl swimmer with a good technique

How Our Swimming Coaches Can Help You

Swimming is swimming but, teaching children and adults are very different.

Our experienced swimming teachers and coaches can help you to identify parts of your technique which you need to work on and make the corrections.

If you want to improve your front crawl technique for a triathlon competition, technique correction is even more important to hold your technique together for open water swimming.

There are three main areas which most adults need to work on to achieve a good technique for any stroke.

  • Body position:

Body must be flat on the top of water for efficiency. Head too high or legs too low changes the body position hence, it slows you down

  • Correct Arm & Leg Action or Biomechanics 

You need to have a solid leg action in swimming and correct arm action. For example, in front crawl, when your elbow exit the water and when and where your finger tips enter the water can make a big difference in your stroke.

  • Timing 

In swimming, timing is everything. You can have a perfect arm and leg action but, if you don't know when to breath in and out during swimming, your technique falls apart after only  a few meters of swimming.

Apart from backstroke, in front crawl, breaststroke and butterfly you need to breathe in and out continuously to keep your technique together for a long swim.

It is common for swimmers who have a poor technique, to keep their heads out of the water for too long.

The reason they do this is that they are trying to breathe in and out while the head is out of the water. What happens subsequently, the timing goes off and technique falls apart instantly.

Could you see any of part of your technique needs some corrections? 

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