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Summer of Sport Has Arrived Officially!

2021 Summer swimming crash courseThe warmer weather and that little extra sunshine ☀️  mean summer has arrived.

Although I am sure, like us, you were a bit disappointed that all COVID-19 restrictions and lockdown limitations were not lifted on 21 June and we have wait till 19th of July 2021 in England, nonetheless this summer feels far more normal than last year.

2021 is the summer of sports. 2020 Euros means, everyone is watching and talking about Football. Our local tournament, Wimbledon Tennis championship started yesterday, so, we think it’s time for swimming to be added to the batch . So, how we are adding swimming be the mix?


Do you live in southwest London? If yes, here’s a big swimming news near you!

We are announcement that we will off 4 weeks of 5-Day courses. Join our 5-Day private swimming lessons for summer 2021 in south London to catch up with swimming before you go away this summer.

That’s right, if you really want this summer be the summer of ‘catch ups’, here is the chance.

With all the lost swimming over the COVID-19 pandemic, private lessons are great for making up for what has been lost.

Our Summer private and semi-private swimming lessons will be held at the very nice and clean Aspire centre pool in Wandsworth, south London in 2021 Summer. We lost almost 1.5 year of swimming, so lets catch up fast with our private lessons!

Why Catching up With Swimming in the Summer

Summer and swimming are intertwined.

No matter whether you are part of the many people who will stay in the U.K this summer or you are going abroad to catch some sunshine y a warm sea or pool, it’s hard to imagine a summer holiday without swimming.

Staycation or not, enjoying summer swimming is a must to make sure your holiday feels like one.

Also, the school summer holiday is great time to catch up with all things that had to postpone including your children swimming lessons since the start of the pandemic.

Summer Holiday Private Swimming Lessons for Children

Whether you are one of those many people who doesn’t want the stress of leaving the U.K this summer, the fact is, many families lost valuable opportunities to have swimming lessons because of 3 lockdowns and 3 nationwide pool closures. In the last 1.5 year, the yo-yoing of close-open-close-again of swimming pools made it impossible for many children to start their swimming lessons properly.

But, the good news is that pools are open this summer and it’s time to catch up.

we’d like you to share a good news with you which may work BEST with your staycation plans for 2021 summer.

We will be running our summer 5-Day intensive swimming lessons from 26 July to 20 Aug 2021 at Aspire centre in Southfields, in Wandsworth, south west London.

Private Swimming Lessons for Children and Adults for Summer

We’ll offer private (1:1) and semi-private (1:2) lessons during the morning times, Monday to Friday.

Our Summer intensive swimming lessons will  run, Monday to Friday, from 8.30 am and run till 11 am.

1:1 lessons is an ideal option both for children and adults specially for those who are a bit nervous about swimming and retuning to swimming post COVID. Private swim lessons could be booked for 30 minutes or 60 minutes.

parent testimonial about holiday crash courseSummer crash course swimming over school summer holiday is great opportunity to catch up with all swimming which was missed and all lessons that we had to postpone from the start of the pandemic.

Crash courses are great for a wide range of swimmers; from water confidence building for nervous swimmers to learning and polishing swimming technique.

For people, regardless of age, who can already swim, 5-Day lessons can do wonders for improving technique and swimming fitness.

Have fun this summer & we’re excited to be part of your summer plans! 😊

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