Summer Swimming Crash Courses in Wimbledon

2023 Summer Holiday Swimming Crash Courses in Wimbledon

You know Summer has truly started because Wimbledon tennis is on.  The second week of Wimbledon starts today, which signals the arrival or the proximity of the schools’ summer holiday in London. No surprise we are getting super excited to be close to starting 4 weeks of our summer swimming crash courses. And, this year we will be running our courses at two pools; one pool being in the heart of Wimbledon.

What to Expect from Summer Swimming Crash Courses

Summer swimming crash course, also known as an intensive swimming course, is a concentrated and focused learn-to-swim course that aims to teach or improve water confidence and swimming skills in a short period of time. It typically involves multiple lessons within a compressed timeframe, often 5 lessons over 5 weekdays and over a few weeks in the summer.

The main aim of a swimming crash course is to provide swimmers and learners with a fast and focused learning experience. Swimming crash courses are designed to help individuals-whether adults or children- to make significant progress in a short period of time compared to traditional weekly lessons which are based on once-a-week lessons over school term time.

So, summer swimming crash courses are offered during school summer holidays. In the summer,  children and adults have more free time and can dedicate more time to learning to swim.

The Content of Crash Courses

What is taught and the duration of each lesson in the swimming crash course can vary depending on the swim school, swimming instructor, and the skill level of the participants. In our crash courses, we cater to different age groups and swimming levels, from beginners who want to learn basic water safety to advanced swimmers who are after coaching and technique development and want to refine their strokes. We can also help those who are preparing for races and competitions; regardless of their age group.

Summer swimming crash with Blue Wavec

Private Lessons in Summer Crash Course

In our swimming crash course, swimmers receive instructions from fully qualified swimming instructors. The lessons are either private or semi-private. We don’t offer group lessons in our crash courses.

Lessons may cover various aspects of swimming, including water safety, floating, kicking, arm movements, breathing techniques, and different swimming strokes such as freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. The teaching may also include diving,  turns, starts, and other swimming-related skills depending on the aims of each swimmer.

The condensed nature of a swimming crash course allows participants to receive consistent and focused instruction, providing efficient practice time and immediate feedback from instructors. This intensive approach aims to accelerate skill development, boost confidence, and provide each swimmer with a more solid foundation in swimming.

Swimming crash courses can provide rapid progress. But, they are not a substitute for regular practice and continued learning. After completing a crash course, we encourage our learners to practice their skills regularly at local pools or near gyms that have swimming pools and to continue taking regular lessons to maintain and further develop their swimming abilities.

Crash Courses in Wimbledon for Summer 2023

This summer we will offer our crash courses in two different locations.

For the first and fourth weeks, like the previous three years, we will be at Aspire Centre in Wandsworth.

We will run our courses in the second and third weeks of summer holidays, at Wimbledon High School in Wimbledon,

showing the 25 meter swimming pool in southfields, London

Pool in Wimbledon for 2023 Summer Holidays

A short walk from Wimbledon’s main train station, Wimbledon High School (WHS) is a private girls’ school in the heart of Wimbledon.

It has a 25-meter pool (with 5 Lanes- 12 meters wide).

The minimum depth of the pool is 0.93 cm and the deep end is 2.43 m.

So, we can easily teach from complete beginners to advanced swimmers who need to practice diving and racing.

The venue has two separate changing rooms for boys and girls, toilets, and a shower facility.

Easy access to and from different parts of southwest London, by public transport.

Dates and Times of Our Crash Courses

Summer crash course lessons will run from Monday 24 July to Friday 18th of Aug 2023.

We will be at two venues based on the following order:

👉 W/C 24th of July 2023  at Aspire Centre, Wandsworth, SW18 5JU, from 12 pm to 1.45 pm

👉 W/C 31 of July 2023 at Wimbledon High School, Wimbledon, SW19 4AB from 9 am to 11.30 am

👉 W/C 7th of August 2023  at Wimbledon High School, Wimbledon, SW19 AB from 9 am to 11.30 am

👉 W/C 14th of August 2023 at Aspire Centre, Wandsworth, SW18 5JU from 9 am to 11.30 am

Every week, our crash courses will run Monday to Friday (no lessons over the weekend).

Option for booking 30 or 60 mins lessons.

Hurry, our booking is NOW open. We don’t want you to miss the opportunity for summer swimming.



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