Private and Semi-Private Swimming Lessons

Very popular choices of lessons. Children OR adults who are particular nerves in and around water need to consider booking private lessons. Private lessons are popular for other reasons like faster progression. In private lessons, a swim teacher is able to spend more time with only one individual and therefore, it’s much easier to mould the lessons around the needs of only one learner.

We offer private (one-to-one) swimming lessons to all ages, including adults.

The semi-private classes (one-to- two or one-to-three lessons) could be offered to siblings or friends who would like to share lessons.

If you have a child but, you don’t know someone who would like to share lessons with you, sometimes we could help you with arranging semi-private lessons. If you are particularly interested in booking semi-private classes, please enquire about the possibility of arranging them by contacting us directly.

Lesson Enquiries

Other Types of Swimming Lessons