The Real Benefits of Baby Swimming!

Benefits of Baby Swimming for Babies And Parents

Finding time to do everything is a big challenge these days and picking the best activities to do for your little ones isn’t always easy. But knowing which activity to do to get the most benefits, can make all the difference. When your baby isn’t old enough to walk, it is O.K if you start to question how useful swimming classes can really be?! There are many parents who cannot see any point in doing baby swimming lessons because they know babies are too young to actually learn to swim or any other sports as it happens.

But there are so many advantages which come from splashing around and gliding through the water beside the fact that your little ones would just love to be with other babies.

Why Choose Baby Swimming Lessons Instead of Casual Family Swims?

There are tremendous benefits to taking your baby to a public pool on your own. But, formal baby swimming lessons have other benefits.

Baby swimming experts believe that structured baby swimming classes make young children comfortable in the water, thereby increasing water confidence and learning to swim easier later on when children turn 3 years old.

In children aged 1 to 4 years old, regular swimming lessons significantly reduces the risk of drowning.

Doctors typically recommend that parents keep their babies from chlorinated pools or open water until babies are 4 months old. So, wait till your baby is fully immunised and has the 3 sets of vaccination.

But you don’t want to wait too long to introduce your child to the pool. Children who don’t start swimming- informally or formally-until they are at school, tend to be more negative about swimming.

baby is learning back floating in water in a swimming lesson

Where Are The Cost-Benefit of Baby Swimming Lessons?

When you take your baby to baby swimming classes you give your child a big chance. Why?

Because, when a child is introduced to water so early, it is before they are conditioned by the environment to have any fear of water. So, baby swimming gives all babies a chance to never develop any fear of water.

The older we are, the more likely we develop conditional fears. Well-known fears like fear of flying or spiders are conditional fears. Conditional fears are formed by the environment or passed by other people who surround us.

For example, pre-schoolers are usually very resistant to float on their backs. But, it is so easy to teach back floating to babies. Babies usually effortlessly float on their backs. Back floating could be a key life-saving skill in certain situations. Plus, everybody has to master floating on back in order to become a confident swimmer.

So, there are tangible and obvious benefits in baby swimming

Join our Year Around Baby Swimming Lessons

If you wish to start baby swimming but, you are not too sure if it is worth spending your time and energy on, why not first read our blog on the 10 most popular questions asked by parents, about baby swimming.

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