Beginner / Pre School

Group Swimming Lessons For 3+ year olds

Children who are 3 years old and above, could join our lessons which don’t require their parents to be in water with them. For our group lessons, children are grouped based on their swimming abilities. See below for information about different stages of our group lessons.

Teaching swimming to beginnersPre-School (3-5 year old) Beginners       

  • Suitable for children aged 3 to 5 years old.
  • These classes offer children their first experience in the water without a parent.
  • Beginners lessons are about teaching the basic skills of swimming (fundamentals); safe entry, kicking, floatation on front and back, balancing body in water and breath control.
  • To join these classes, a child should be happy to be in the water and ready to follow instructions from a swim teacher.
  • In these classes children are expected to participate in both group and individually-based water activities.
  • These classes are NOT suitable for children who are nervous about getting in water independently or swimming without their parents.
  • Ability to understand and follow instructions from a swim teacher is a must for all children who join our group lessons.
  • We recommend our private lessons for kids who could be nervous about water and swimming.

Beginners (5+ year olds) Classes

  • Suitable for children who are 5 years old and above.
  • This class is for non-swimmers but, to join beginners group lessons, a child should be happy to be in the water. This class is NOT suitable for children who are nervous when they are in and around water.
  • Unable to perform skills mentioned below for the beginners+ classes.


private swimming lessonsSuitable for children who are:

  • confident in water and can travel in the water up to 5 meters on front and back without touching the bottom of the pool (it doesn’t have to be done with a recognisable swim stroke).
  • happily put face in water and blow bubbles and able to voluntarily submerge (take head under the water).
  • Can float on front and back
  • Can get into the water and exist from the pool safely and confidently.
  • Make a supervised jump in the water to an adult with or without support.
  • Able to kick both on front AND back holding a float (at least 10 meters).

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