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Toddler swimming lessons in Wimbledon, London, U.K

‘Watching a child makes it obvious that the development of his mind comes through his movement.’ ~ Dr Maria Montessori

A happy environment where children can clap and kick and have fun in water with their parents, splash with their little hands and tiny toes, could be a great starting point to start off a learn-to-swim journey for a baby or toddler.

Our  ‘Parent & Baby’ and ‘Parent & Toddler’ classes are for babies and toddlers aged 4 months to 3 years, and these classes are the preparation for our ‘learn-to-swim’ programme which starts from age 3 years old and above. Every child should be in water with a trusted adult (i.e, a parent or a nanny).

Parent and toddler swimming lessonsThese classes are the best introduction to learning to swim for young children. The aim is to instil the love of water and teaching the core range of basic swimming skills like kicking and gliding. Game-based activities, toys and nursery rhymes are often used to add an extra fun and keep the little ones engaged.

Fun, Safe & Effective

Parent and baby swimming classes to boost water confidence‘Parent & child’ classes are fun, safe, effective and it is an innovative way to introduce young children to water.

Participation in these classes also have many health benefits for young children and help them with their physical, psychological and socio-motional developments and building their overall confidence.

In our classes, we choreograph songs with movements in the water and we use lots of toys, games and play to provide parents with young children with a pleasurable aquatic experience. These classes are very popular by both parents and children and it’s a great way to introduce babies and toddlers to water and teach them independence, water confidence as well as basic skills of swimming like kicking, paddling, breath control and floatation.

Swimming With Confidence

As well as basic water skills, through these classes, the under 3’s pick up the water-confidence and the ability to follow instructions in the pool, so, when they join the learn-to-swim classes (lessons independent from their parents) they don’t have to start from complete scratch.

In our experience, we have noticed time and again that children who have started off with us as babies and toddlers will progress through our learn-to-swim stage much faster and generally better results are gained over a shorter period of time.

Key advice and activities could be tried outside of the classes by parents during the family swim in local swimming pools or when they are on holiday.

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