Why Learn To Swim

Swimming; one of most participated sports in England

Swimming is a beloved family leisure activity and sport in England. Being in the water is relaxing and calming for adults and kids.

The majority of parents include swim lessons in their children’s after-school activities, specially for children aged 0 to 10 years old.

This explains the popularity of swimming lessons all year round.

Parents love to see their children are confident swimmers when they go to pools, water parks, and beaches- this is what makes holidays fun for families.

So, having an assurance that you and your children are confident swimmers, is a must, to enjoy your beach holidays fully.

Unfortunately, there are nearly 400 drowning incidents in the U.K each year and 40 of those are children and young people.

One of the best ways to prevent drowning is to make sure you and your children can actually swim.

Based on Swim England recommendations, a child is a competent swimmer and water-safe when:

  1. Is to be able to swim at least 100 meters (without stopping)
  2. Tread the water or float on the top of the water for at least 30 seconds (without any floatation device)

A child never learns to swim, very likely will become an adult who will not be able to enjoy water

A few surveys in the U.K showed more than half of adults who think they are swimmers, actually don’t even have the necessary water safety skills to survive in water.

So, do you want your child to have the water-skills required to enjoy the water safely?

If yes, book professional lessons before you head to the next holiday!

We provide lessons for all ages, including adults.

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