‘Parent & Child’ Swim Lessons for Young Children! What are they?

‘Parent & Child’ Swim Lessons for babies & Toddlers

Young children can benefit from swimming immensely. Swimming and water activities have a positive effect on children’s learning and their physical and psychological development.

Baby swimming lessons benefits developments of babiesShortly after we started operating in Feb 2010, we were asked repeatedly if we could provide swimming lessons for children who were under 3 years of age. So, in May 2010, we added a specially designed classes to suit this age group; our “Parent & Toddler” and “Parent & Baby” swimming lessons.

We offer ‘Parent & baby’ classes for 4 to 18 months old babies and ‘Parent & Toddler’ classes for toddlers who are aged 1.5 to 3 years.

What are ‘Parent & Child’ Classes?

Also known as “Adult & Child”, “Parent & Baby” or “Parent & Toddler” are normally series of specially designed and structured swimming lessons for children who are aged 3 years old or under. Since kids that young need to have one-to-one support in water,they need to be in water with a parent or a trusted adult during the swimming lessons. We often meet parents who would like to know what are the aims of these lessons and what are the benefits of  these  classes.

Parent & child swimming lessons in SW17 & SW19 in London, U.kThe aim of these classes is, firstly, to promote water-confidence in children. For children who are younger than 3, it is very important to feel safe in water, and nothing could make very young children to feel safe and secure in water than actually having their parents/guardians in the water with them.

These classes also aim to create an enjoyable environment for parents and children and teach the very basic swimming skills, for example, floatation on front and back, traveling in water with basic kicking and paddling actions and breath control which includes blowing bubbles and submersion (see the below clip).

To make lessons more fun, our fully qualified instructors use nursery rhymes which wording-wise would go very nicely with different water-based activities, during their lessons. Popular rhymes are carefully chosen to match what children need to do in the class (like what they do in a dance class). This way, children enjoy doing different swimming-related practices, even more. Needless to say, these classes are an excellent environment for parents to spend quality time with your children and do fun activities together, activities which are also beneficial to the over health of your children.

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Baby-Swimming-Lesson-Blue-wave-Swim-School from Blue Wave Swim School on Vimeo.

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