Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s Sunday 11 Match 2018 and it’s Mother’s Day. YIPPEE!!!


It’s time to say a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to all of the mothers, specially swimming mums, out there for their dedication and support.

We say a big ‘Thank You’ to all of our swimming mums. From supporting your little ones in water to hugging them on the poolside after their swim lessons, we know how important mothers’ presence is. Trust us, we have been incredibly lucky to meet countless mums at our swim school over the years and we’ve seen it firsthand how much their support encourages children throughout their swimming journey. They also have another name: ‘Swimming mums’

Mother's at Blue Wave Swim School

Mother Is The First Teacher Of A Child

‘It takes a village to raise a child’ ~ African proverb

While a child is influenced and shaped by the society and environment, there are no individuals who play a more important role in a child’s life than his/her parents. Children look up to their parents to learn about how they need to behave in school, educational and social settings.

Mothers and their kids at Blue Wave Swim School

Although it is not always the case, for majority of children, mothers are the most influential people.

From playing sports to reading and writing, mothers play a major role in forming lifelong interests in their kids. Yes, mothers can generate enthusiasm for learning and motivate their children immensely.

Your children are watching what you do and say all of the time and they learn from your behaviour everyday.

So, when a child sees his mother is really interested in the process of learning to swim and prefers to be actively involved,  he will develop a positive attitude towards learning to swim. It is not surprising that children with positive attitude are more likely to learn to swim well and enjoy swimming for a lifetime.

Research also confirms mothers are strongest role models for children’s education. According to a research published in The Telegraph, maternal influence is the leading factor to determine whether children will stay at the school, go to university and develop a positive attitude towards learning in their adult lives.

So, mummies, thank you for everything and we wish you a day full of fun, presents & hugs.

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