2012 Autumn Term Swim Lessons


Our 2012 Autumn term started on 8th of September 2012 and so far, we have had 2 weeks of swimming lessons. We are so pleased to be back again at Burntwood School (in Wandsworth) and our lessons are going great in this venue as well as at Wimbledon College. Burntwood school has recently had a major refurbishment work done at its pool and it looks really nice. This term, we are very pleased to have many of our previous swimmers being back and having lessons with us (of course most of them have moved up to higher level classes) as well as having new many new learners and swimmers. This term has started with great enthusiasm and our wonderful teachers are all looking forward to having an smashing term, full of fun, quality teaching and excitement. As usual, we offer ‘Adult & Child’ swimming lessons at both locations and as always these classes are very popular by both children and their parents

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