Mobile Swim Teachers For Home Visits

Have a Swimming Pool at Home?

If you have your own swimming pool, or access to a residential pool, having a qualified and DBS checked swim teacher to come to your house to provide swimming lessons for you and your children can be a very convenient option. 

So, do have a swimming at home? Are you looking for swimming instructors to come and teach you or your children or their friends at the comfort of your own home pool?

If yes, you are in the right place and we can definitely help you.

We have A Team of Mobile Swim Teachers

If you'd prefer to book lessons with us but have the lessons at your own swimming pool.

We can deliver swimming lessons both in mornings or afternoons or evenings- we can be flexible.

You can get in touch with us to request swim teachers for home visits. Call us on 0208 0901415 or request a call back here.

Please note, at the moment due to COVID-19 pandemic , there must be some checks in place before any pool is classes as safe for teaching swimming. 

So, please email us on with your details and we will contact you shortly to discuss your request further. Alternatively, you can call us: 0208 0901415