Baby Swimming and Toddler Swim Lessons; WHY and HOW they’re done internationally!

I was really surprised when I heard Rebecca Adlington mentioned that although she used to go swimming with her parents and her older sisters alot as a young child, she never did any toddler swim lessons or baby swim classes when she was little. I met 26-year-old Rebecca Adlington, the most successful British Olympic swimmer ever, Read More

Why You Should Take Your Baby or Toddler Swimming

From a very young age you can do swimming lessons with your child, but you may still ask yourself why do I need to do swimming? Why participating in swimming activities with my child should matter at all when there are so many other choices? Wouldn’t be better if I waited till my child is Read More

When ‘Adult & Child’ Lessons was added to our Learn to swim programme

New “Parent and Child” classes for babies and toddlers was added to our learn-to-swim programme on Saturday, June 12th 2010 at Wimbledon College venue in Wimbledon Village, London, shortly after Blue Wave Swim School had started. To begin with, it was a 7 weeks course and it is suitable for children who are aged 3 Read More