Is a 3 year old too Young to Learn to swim?

Learn to Swim AND Starting Kids Young Swimming experts recommend to start children young and these days many parents do! The reason is, learning to swim must always start off by getting used to water and learning to relax in it. The younger a child is, the easier the familiarisation to water will be and Read More

10 Infant and ‘learn-to-swim’ Questions – Answered by Austrian Experts

I’m really excited to be working with two colleagues and swim experts, Anitra Boszotta and Marion Falzeder from Austrian Baby swimming Association (ABA), learn-to-swim experts and baby and toddler specialists, on this blog. Anitra and Marion share some great insights by answering the 10 most frequently infant and ‘learn-to-swim’ questions which parents very often ask.  You Can Also Read this Blog in German Read More

Learning to Swim, Austrian Style

Embracing the idea of continuously improving our teaching practices and the learning environment for our swimmers is one of our core values here at Blue Wave Swim School. There are many different ways of doing this but peer-observation is my favourite method. Connecting with experts and sharing ideas and skills is the best way to Read More

‘Parent & Child’ Swimming Lessons In France – Montessori Inspired Classes

In May 2015 I had the privilege to be invited to a swim school in France and observe their parent and child swimming classes. Established by clinical psychologist Dr Daniel Zylberberg, the classes are now running in several community centres throughout Paris with the programme offered for children who are up to five years old Read More

‘Parent & Child’ Swim Lessons for Young Children! What are they?

‘Parent & Child’ Swim Lessons for babies & Toddlers Young children can benefit from swimming immensely. Swimming and water activities have a positive effect on children’s learning and their physical and psychological development. Shortly after we started operating in Feb 2010, we were asked repeatedly if we could provide swimming lessons for children who were Read More