Is a 3 year old too Young to Learn to swim?

Learn to Swim AND Starting Kids Young Swimming experts recommend to start children young and these days many parents do! The reason is, learning to swim must always start off by getting used to water and learning to relax in it. The younger a child is, the easier the familiarisation to water will be and Read More

10 Answers To Popular Baby Swimming Questions

Q&As With A Baby Swimming Expert (Part 1) Internationally renowned infant swimming expert, Mr Terje Stakset, talks to Marjan Moosavi founder of South West London’s Blue Wave Swim School about the soaring popularity of baby and toddler swimming. Terje manages the Oslo branch of Norwegian Lifesaving Society and has been teaching swimming for more than Read More

Benefits of Swimming; What Every Parent Should know! (Part 2)

In part one, we listed many benefits of swimming with your young children. As a parent you may think, are there any more reasons that I need to know to take my young child to swimming classes? Actually there are and the most interesting one is ……wait for it…..wait for it…… Early Swimmers perform better Read More