Holiday Swimming Crash Courses

Swimming Crash Courses

Swimming crash courses are 4-Day 5-day courses, offered during school short or long holidays like summer, Easter and half-terms.

We offer crash courses in southwest London during weekdays, Monday to Friday (except on bank holidays), in the morning hours over the school holidays.

Swimming crash courses are excellent for keeping children active during holidays while catching up with their swimming. They could be specially useful for families with busy schedules and missed out on swim lessons over the school term time.

Intensive courses could be useful for adults who are looking for ways to catch-up fast with swimming.

What Do We Teach in Our Holiday Courses?

a 6 year old child swims backstroke with good technique

In terms of teaching methods, swimming crash courses are similar to our weekly 1:1 or semi-private lessons.

But rather than having one lesson once a week during school term time (weekly school term-time lessons), children can do 30 mins or 60 mins lessons once a day for 5 days on consecutive days from Monday to Friday, in one week or two or more, during school holidays depending on the length of the holidays.

During long school holidays you can do 10 lessons over two weeks, which is almost equivalent to a term of weekly lessons.

In this way, instead of doing traditional weekly lessons, you can very conveniently squeeze in the equivalent of a term of lessons in two weeks and save journey time.

The Main Goals are:

  • Boost water confidence
  • Improve swimming skills and technique

You can read more about the format of lessons, fees, dates, lesson duration, etc by visiting the FAQs page.

If you wish to book crash courses with us please use the below form to contact us.

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