Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions before you book swimming lessons with us.

Our policy must provide all the necessary details regarding our booking, rules in places when you attend our lessons and what would happen if our lessons has to be cancelled due to pool closure or other events like pandemics and national lockdown. However, if there is any need for further clarity, please make an enquiry BEFORE booking your lessons.

  • The swimming pool is open to participating students only. The fee is only for booking swim lessons and we cannot provide leisure swimming time before or after our swimming lessons as part of your booking. 
  • For the safety of the children, a family member and/or friend/trusted adult must stay in the pool building and observe from the allocated areas in the facility at our lessons run.
  • In case there are NO lockers or if you don’t wish to use lockers post-COVID  (to keep the touch points low), we strongly advise all adults to NOT to bring ANY valuable items to the pool. When you are attending the swimming lessons, clients are responsible for their personal belongings and Blue Wave Swim School does not accept responsibility for any stolen or lost items.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the pool area. However, we recommend parents have a water bottle handy on the poolside to keep swimmers hydrated.
  • Swimmers are not allowed enter the pool before their lessons begin and should leave the pool area as soon as their lessons are finished. Parents/guardians should actively supervise their children before and after the lessons and make sure that the children do not get close to the poolside during waiting time.
  • Swimmers should be on time for their lessons as any delay will have an effect on the provision of the lessons for all. If swimmers are late more than 15 min, it will be at swim teacher’s discretion to allowed swimmers to join the lesson.
  • Students who turn up without having appropriate swimwear for their lessons (swimming shorts/suits and swimming caps, swimming nappies for under 3’s) will not be allowed to enter the pool.
  • During the lessons, parents/guardians are asked not to engage with swim instructors and/or students in conversation in such a way that it could be distracting to the whole class.
  • For group and semi-private lessons, children are grouped based on their age AND swimming ability. For our ‘Parent & Child’ classes, children are not divided to different groups based on their previous swimming lesson history.

Film and Photography

  • Parents or any accompanying adult are not allowed to take photos or films in and around the swimming pool or in the changing room areas. Photographic equipment includes video recorders, camcorders, cameras and mobile phones with imagery equipment.

Missed Lesson and Cancelation

  • Swimming lessons missed due to ANY reason are forfeit.
  • In the event that you/your child is going to miss a lesson due to illness or pre-arranged activities and engagements, unfortunately, another person or another child cannot turn up and utilise the lesson on your/your child’s behalf.
  • Once the payment is made and a place has been confirmed, there will be NO refund or credit given, due to cancellation made by the client for whatever reason.
  • Blue Wave Swim School reserves the right to charge a £20 admin fee for any extra administrative work due to clients’ mistakes like overpayment.
  • On payment, it is deemed that clients understand and agree to all of Blue Wave Swim School’s policies, terms and conditions.
  • Blue Wave Swim School reserves the right to alter the timetable, lessons schedule and venue or to cancel its lessons. In the event that swimming lessons have to be cancelled due to bad weather, closure of the pool or other similar circumstances, customers will be EITHER refunded OR provided with a make-up lesson provided at a later date, for the cancelled session/s only. The refund for any cancelled lessons will be offered only when the option of make-up lesson(s) cannot be provided in a reasonably timely manner and when the circumstances reasonably permitted us.


  • If you or any members of your household shows signs and symptoms of COVID-19, it is recommended that you don’t attend our swim lessons. Please click here for COVID-19 signs and symptoms.
    In case you or have any member of your household showing COVID-19 symptoms and tested positive and you cannot attend your pre-booked swim lessons, you must contact us with proof of your test. If you can provide us with proof/evidence of the COVID-19 positive test in your household, we’ll be credited for any missed lessons. We’ll arrange for your COVID-related cancelled lessons to be delivered at different date(s) when the circumstances reasonably permitted us. Click here to check the new NHS recommendation for what to do when you tested positive for COVID-19.

Feedback and Complaint

  • Parents/guardians who wish to discuss any matter relevant to the swimming lessons, are welcome to speak to the deck manager at the end of their lesson (if possible) or call our office on 020 8090 1415 or email: info@bluewaveswim.co.uk.