International Women’s Day & Important Women in Swimming

Blue Wave Swim School And Significant Dates for Women in 2022

Today is 28th of April 2022 and the second week of our 2022 Summer term.  Easter break out of the way and 1st of May, the Bank Holiday Monday is around the coprner. So what significant dates we had in March and will have in May?!

This month, we celebrated two significate dates; 8th of March- International Women’s Day – and 27th of March which was the Mother’s Day in U.K.

We wouldn’t have been where we are now if we didn’t have such dedicated groups of mums and grandmothers, and our female swimming teachers and coaches who are making learning to swim possible for our swimmers.

Celebrating Important Women in Swimming

  1. Gertrude Caroline Ederle was the first female swimmer who swam the English Channel in 1926. She did it 2 hours faster than all 5 male swimmers who swam the channel before her. One of her nicknames was Queen of the Waves.

Gertrude Ederle

Just a quick reminder that the arrival of the third month of 2022 means Spring is on its way and Easter is not too far away.

So, if you are amongst those who are staying for the Easter break and looking for a nice activity somewhere indoorsy, nice, and warm, keep an eye on our newsletter coming out soon for our Easter crash courses.



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