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Adult Swimming lessons (Only Private Lessons)

These days more and more adults would like to take up swimming lessons for different reasons. Some may never have learnt how to swim properly when they were kids or some just seek professional advise to polish and perfect their strokes. Whatever your reason could be, it’s never too late to learn or improve your swimming skills.

adult swimming lessons at Blue wave Swim SchoolIf you are starting from complete scratch and unsure about water, we have a history of helping adults with an old water-phobia and teaching them to be comfortable and relax in water and swim. If you know how to swim but not sure about swimming in the deep end of the pool or may panic when water goes over your head, we can help you to gain water-confidence.

If you are a good swimmer but would like to learn a new stroke or just improving your front crawl technique as part of your preparation for a triathlon event, we have experts swim coaches who can help you.

Currently, we only offer adult lessons on a private basis (one-to-one or one-to-two/three if friends or family members would like to share lessons).

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