Term Dates and Lesson Prices

2021 Autumn Dates And Prices: Weekly Lessons & Half-Term Crash Course

Wimbledon College Pool, Merton, Southwest London (SW19 4NS):

Our Lessons at Wimbledon College’s pool  Start Sat 11 Sep 2021.

Term Dates: Sat 11 Sep  to 11 Dec 2021.

No Lesson on Sat 30th of Oct (Half-Term break)

Enquire About Lessons in Wimbledon for Summer 2021

£50 a lesson for 30-mins Private (1:1) Lessons for a Child

£40 a lessons for 30-mins 1:2 Semi-Private Lessons (per child)

£34.00 a lesson for 30 mins  1:3 Semi-Private Lessons (per child)

£23.00 a lesson for 30 mins Parent & Toddler Class

£55 a lesson for 30-mins Private (1:1) Lessons for a Child with Special Needs

£55 a lesson for 30-mins Private (1:1) Adult Lessons

Aspire Centre in Southfields

October half-term swimming crash course will be a 5-Day intensive swim lessons at Aspire Centre in Southfields (SW18 5JU) and other partner pools.

Our lessons run from 9.00 am to 11 am, from Monday 25 October to Friday 29 October 2021.

Read More And Express Your Interest for Our Crash Courses Option to Book 30 mins or 60 mins lessons for 5 consecutive days over school holidays

£255.00 for five X 30-mins Private (1:1) Lessons

£200.00 (per child) for five X 30-mins 1:2 Lessons

£275.00 for five X 30-mins 1:1 Lessons for Special Needs

£280.00 for five X 30 mins 1:1 Adult Swim Lessons

Putney Leisure Centre, Wandsworth, Southwest London (SW15 1BL):

2021 Autumn term Starts  Thursday 9 Sep 2021

Lesson time is 10.30 am.

Ours classes at this venue is suitable for babies & toddlers (under 4’s). Every child has to be in water with a parent or a trusted adult.

Lesson Time & Fee for 2021 ‘Parent & Child’ Swimming lessons at Putney Leisure Centre

  • Lessons time is at 10.30 am
  • Fee for ‘Parent & Child’ Group from £18.00 a lesson. You can book blocks of 7.  For less than 7 lesson booking lessons are charged at £20 a lesson.
  • We DO NOT offer any free trial lesson or one-off lessons at this venue post COVID-19

The Duration of Baby and Toddler Swimming Class is 30 mins.

The fees only covers our swim lessons .

When you attend our swim lessons, you are NOT permitted to use Putney Leisure Centre’s pool to swim before or after your swim lessons.

If you wish to go to Putney Leisure centre for a family swim, you need to contact the centre directly.

We don’t offer pay-as-you-go booking post COVID-19.

Enquire About Our Baby & Toddler Swimming in Putney

Methods of Payment for Our Swim Lessons

1) We accept credit/debit cards (you can pay us over the phone or on site).

2) You can also pay via online banking transfer

3) Online Booking