Swimming Crash Courses in Southwest London

Intensive Swimming Lessons Over School Holidays

Blue Wave Swim School’s ‘Intensive Lessons’, also known as ‘Crash Courses’, are either 30-minute or 60-minute classes offered over summer holidays and school break, Monday to Friday.

Group Swim lesson in WimbledonThese lessons are an excellent opportunity to keep your child active on days off from school. In terms of teaching methods, they are similar to our lessons group or private. But rather than having one lesson every week, children can have 5 lessons in one week or 10 lessons in two weeks or 15 in three weeks. So, your child can have a term of lessons in a period of two or three weeks over the summer holidays. Very conveniently squeezed in.

Our goal is to boost every swimmers’ water confidence and ability to swim properly with a good technique.

Our summer swim crash courses, which will be delivered in 25 meter pool in Southfields, we can offer lessons for all levels.

The younger and less experienced children who are normally at beginners and beginners plus levels- get a massive boost in their confidence and have a chance to be introduced and learn the more basic technical skills like putting face in the water, kicking legs and how to float on front and back independently.

More experienced swimmers (stage 4 and above of Swim England National Teaching Plan for Swimming) can do the 60-minute classes with a focus on breath control, body position, and propulsion in the water and working more on the four competitive strokes.

For children who already have a solid swimming foundation, technique and improving stamina is also part of intensive classes.