Swimming-Related Questions POST COVID-19

By far, these are the most frequently asked questions about swimming and returning to swimming lessons post COVID-19

  • Is it safe to swim in swimming pools post pandemic? Could I catch COVID-19 when I swim in a swimming pool?

Based on W.H.O recommendations, Coronavirus is killed by Chlorinated water in the matter of few seconds.

W.H.O recommends to follow the social distancing rules in pools and people must avoid crowded places. You must keep at least 1 meter space when you are in pool.

  • Can I expect my child to go back to the same level of swimming as pre-COVID?

Unfortunately, if you have stopped the swimming lesson in March 2020, or gone back to swimming in on-off manner, a certain level of regression            should be expected. The more beginners swimmers were, the more of regression should be expected in both water-confidence and technique.

  • Can I expect swim teachers to get in the water when teaching swimming?

Post COVID, our teachers mainly teach from the poolside.

If there is a specific need for them to get into water and they think that would benefit their learners, our teacher may get in water during the lesson but, they will observe the 2-meter social distancing rules during their lessons. Until all the social distancing rules are dropped by the government, swim teachers must follow the 2-meter rule when they are teaching swimming.

  • Are teaching equipment and toys still used in swim lessons post Corona? Are they safe to use?

Regarding swimming teaching equipments, we are following both Government guidance and the guidelines set out by the national governing body for swimming; Swim England. Full details can be read here.  

The guidance recommends swimmers to bring their own floats/kick board if possible. However, we can and do use our own swimming teaching equipment and toys/sinkers. However, swimmers are not allowed to share kickboards, floats or toys during our lessons with each other. After each lesson, every teaching equipment that has been touched/used by swimmers and teachers, will get soaked in Chlorinated water for 2-3 minutes before other swimmers are allowed to use or touch them.