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From Private Swimming Lessons in Wimbledon to Home Swimming Lessons in Weybridge

What value do you put on having private swim lessons, completely personalised to your needs, delivered when you like, and at your own pool?

It’s priceless!

We have been one of the very few providers that has been offering private swim school at Wimbledon College in Wimbledon, in Merton, South London, for more than a decade. Since February 2010, we noticed a great need in southwest London for quality private swimming lessons both for adults and children.  And right from the start, Wimbledon families and greater community showed a great enthusiasm for subscribing to our private lessons.

People and specially children found our private lessons joyful, educational and progressive and great value for money.

But in year 2021, the year that we celebrated our 11th birthday, we decided to go beyond the Wimbledon borders.

What is New?

After more than a decade of offering private swimming lessons, we are so confident that what we offer in our private lesson package is what many people specially parents are looking for.

So, if you are asking where we can offer private lessons, here’s the answer:

Now we can also offer private lessons outside of southwest London and gone to Surrey and Weybridge.

But, with a bit difference.

But, let’s first explain what we mean by private swim lessons and where we can offer them:

a female swim teacher teaches private swim lessonWhat is a Private Swimming Lesson?

Although in one of our old blogs, we have explained the difference between group swimming lessons and private lessons, let’s cover the definition of private lesson.

Private swimming lesson is when the swimming instructor is solely providing lessons for one client.

Why private swim lessons better

With full attention of a swim instructor is on one person, lesson can be personalised in private lessons.

And, personalised private lessons produce faster progression, more engagement and the fun part of the lessons can be added based on swimmers’ tastes.

Whom Can Book Private Home Swimming Lessons

Private swim lessons could be for anyone with any swimming ability, from a complete beginner to advanced swimmers.

Private lessons also called one-to- one or 1:1 lessons can be for a child or an adult so there is no age limit for having swim lessons privately-it’s not just for kids. From 4 months to 99 years old.

Children with special needs particularly benefit from private swim lessons.

Sometimes private lessons could be for two people like two siblings, a couple or two friends who want to share lessons together.

Private Lessons Pools

There are two places that we can provide private swimming lessons.

Currently, we have two pools in southwest London, one in Wimbledon and one in Southfields that we can provide 1:1 lessons either for adults or children. So, you can book lessons for Saturday afternoons during school term time or for intensive swimming lessons over school holidays.

Our swimming pool in Wimbledon is a very popular for our weekend private lessons. Our private lessons in Southfields are in great demand for school holidays swimming. More so, fo children who missed out on swimming because of the pandemic and want to catch up.


home pool

Teaching Swimming at Home Pools

If you have a pool at home and looking for having private swimming lessons at home, we can help.

Since the start of the 2021 swimming season, we have been arranging swim instructors to visit home pool and deliver their private lessons at residential pools. From Hampstead to Weybridge in Surrey, our swim instructors can cover a large area in London and Surrey area.

Do you have a pool at home and looking for a swim instructor ?

Look no further! We can help!

With a decade experience of teaching hundreds of people successfully to swim, and receiving several awards from different organisations, and getting so many positive feedback from our clients, we can confidently say we are good at teaching swimming privately.

Based on 35 reviews left on our Google listing (we have another 19 on Yell.com), we are almost a 5-star swim school. You can go and read the reviews for yourself by clicking here.

Here is one of the reviews:

My children attended a summer half term crash swimming course and both progressed visibly in four days. The oldest has been swimming for several years and Marjan focussed on stroke technique, breathing and introduced diving skills. The youngest was a non-swimmer and after only 2 sessions could swim unaided! They both loved the sessions, looked forward to each one and I really recommend them. The lessons are good value: although it is a lot to pay, the 1:1 attention was well worth the money for both children. I will definitely consider future crash courses to supplement the regular swimming classes. ~ Mrs Murphy

Fees for our private lessons at home pools depends on numbers of swimmers, lesson’s length and how far you are from our base.


Get in touch with us and enquire about our private swim lessons at home pool by calling us 0208 090 1415 or  complete 👇

Private lessons at home pools

For example Weybridge, Kingston, Wimbledon, etc




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