New “Adult & Child” Swimming Programme Have Been Added

Since we first started to offer “Adult and child” swimming lessons on Saturday afternoons in June 2010, we have received a very positive response and an excellent feedback from the parents who have participated in our classes. So, we have decided to add new “Adult & Child” swimming prgrammes for 2010 Autumn term. In Autumn, we will offer “Adult & Child” swimming lessons on Mondays at 5.00 pm at Burntwood school (SW17 0AQ) and on Saturdays afternoons there will be two sessions; at 2.20 pm and 3.50 pm, at Wimbledon College (SW19 4NS).

For those people who would like to know a bit more about our programme and they are considering to join us, I would like to share a lovely comment about our classes which we have received from one of our parents:

“Our daughter started her first “Adult & Child” swimming classes with Blue Wave Swim School when she was 19 months. She didn’t have any experience in the water and her first lesson was a bit of shock for her and she was not the most cooperative.  Marjan uses favourite songs and toys to make the children comfortable and through our daughters tears of protest,  she was signing along to her favourite songs.  Upon our daughters second lesson, she was laughing, splashing and jumping in with excitement.  Amaia now loves swimming class, she looks forward to it every week and practices what she learns at home.  She progresses a little each lesson and is consistently moving forward in her abilities.  Not only is it enjoyable, but the class is also helpful for us as as parents, giving us tools to help Amaia with her swimming when we are not in class.  We are looking forward to continuing her lessons with Marjan and Blue Wave Swim School”- Tara Pinochi

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