Swim Lessons Cancelation due to Coronavirus

swimming pool closure and lesson cancelation messageThe spread of Coronavirus in the U.K and Around the World!

It is a very strange time! It is unlikely anyone has experienced anything like the recent spread of Coronavirus which we have been witnessing in the first quarter of 2020. The speed of changes is mind-blowing.

It’s safe to say, you don’t even know anyone who has seen anything similar to what we have been experiencing in the last 4 weeks.

The new strand of Coronavirus and spread of COVID-19 (which is the illness caused by Coronavirus) was reported in China-a country more than 7000 kilometers away from Europe- in November 2019, and within 16 weeks, it has spread like a wildfire across the world.

Almost every country in the world has been tangled in this problem, including the U.K. Coronavirus situation has proven how easy our normal day-to-day lives could be disrupted. We all have to adjust temporarily to a new lifestyle.

Although it is really difficult to figure out how we can change our routines with minimum disruptions (if possible at all), we have to do it. Whether we can actually act as fast as this virus is spreading is one question but, we have to act.

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Swimming Pool Closures in London Due to Spread of Coronavirus

With the British PM’s, Boris Johnson, announcement yesterday (18 March 2020), to shut down all the schools from tomorrow, today we are informing all of you that both swimming pools that we use for our swim lessons, Wimbledon College and Putney leisure centre are shutting as Friday 20 March 2020 till further notice. So, we have no swimming lessons to offer you until further notice-we are very sad and I am very disappointed for all of our swimmers and teachers and our community.

We are all hoping with the ‘social distancing’ and keeping good personal hygiene and washing our hands more often, we can all beat the Coronavirus and come out of this pandemic O.k. When we can go back to the normal life, the life we were so used to- is a big question though! We simply don’t know how long swimming pools will remain shut.

We all want to go back to normality ASAP but, it is, what it is. Although no one can predict how long we have to continue with social distancing, we do know, when everything is finished and when everything is safe again, the show will go on and we will resume our swimming lessons.

We really hope by penciling in Sat 2nd of May as the date to see our swimmers back in the pool and resuming our classes, we are not being too optimistic.

However, we will discover together in the next 4-6 weeks how this pandemic will pan out. Our office remains open during the pool closure so, if you need to get in touch with us regarding any queries please call us or

Contact us via our website

Till the re-opening of the pools, keep safe, stay healthy and look after yourselves.



P.S: since the publication of this blog, the Government told all the UK’s nightclubs, theatres, cinemas, gyms and leisure centres to close. From 23/03/2020, all public gatherings (more than 2 people) are banned till further notice. The U.K Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has said the situation will be reviewed each month.





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