Book A Trial Baby Or Toddler Lesson in Putney

Book A Trial Lesson for Your Baby or Toddler in Putney:

Are you free on Thursday Afternoons? Do you have a toddler (14 months upwards)? Why note, come & join us for a free trial on Thursday at 2.30 pm at Putney Leisure Centre’s teaching pool.

‘Parent & Toddler’ class is suitable for children who can walk confidently (which is normally around 14-16 months old and above) is at 2.30 pm. Complete our form to book a free trial.

As of Thursday 5th of March 2020, we will have a new baby class for babies aged 3 months upwards at Putney Leisure Centre at the time of 3.00 pm.


Booking Trial- Thursday Afternoon Toddler Classes