7 Important Swimming Questions Post COVID-19

Swimming Expert Answers Popular Swimming Questions Post COVID-19

  • Is it safe to swim in swimming pools post pandemic? Could I catch COVID-19 when I swim in a swimming pool?

Based on W.H.O recommendations, Coronavirus is killed by Chlorinated water in the matter of few seconds.

W.H.O recommends to follow the social distancing rules in pools and people must avoid crowded places. You must keep at least 1 meter space when you are in pool.

  • Can I expect my child to go back to the same level of swimming as pre-COVID?

Unfortunately, if you have stopped the swimming lesson in March 2020, or gone back to swimming in on-off manner, a certain level of regression            should be expected. The more beginners swimmers were, the more of regression should be expected in both water-confidence and technique.

  • Can I expect swim teachers to get in the water when teaching swimming?

Post COVID, our teachers mainly teach from the poolside.

If there is a specific need for them to get into water and they think that would benefit their learners, our teacher may get in water during the lesson but, they will observe the 2-meter social distancing rules during their lessons. Until all the social distancing rules are dropped by the government, swim teachers must follow the 2-meter rule when they are teaching swimming.

  • Do I have to bring my own floats or teaching aids to your swimming lessons? If no, is it COVID-safe to use your swim school’s floats for my child?

Regarding swimming teaching equipments, we are following both Government guidance and the guidelines set out by the national governing body for swimming; Swim England. Full details can be read here.  

The guidance recommends swimmers to bring their own floats/kick board, if possible. However, we do use our own swimming teaching equipment, floats, toys and sinkers. Swimmers are not allowed to share kickboards, floats or toys during our lessons with each other. After each lesson, every teaching equipment that has been touched/used by swimmers and teachers, will get soaked in Chlorinated water for 2-3 minutes before other swimmers are allowed to use or touch them.

  • If I am struggling with attending a swimming lesson, is there another time or week I could change my lesson to?

Unfortunately the answer is no. The dates for your lessons that you booked cannot change if your personal circumstances change. We will not be able to make any further changes to your swim lesson date after agreeing with out dates by making your payment. If further down the line your personal circumstances change and you cannot attend any of the lessons you have booked lessons, we cannot move you it affects us timetable. The only time we can change lessons to another time/week if you or someone in your household has a positive test for COVID-19 and your household has to self-isolate. You need to provide an official confirmation about the positive COVID-19 test though.
  • Can I do a free trial swim lesson before signing up? 

No. Post pandemic, we don’t offer any free trial lessons either for children or adults.


  • Do swim teachers have to follow the social distancing rule when teaching swimming?

It was the case till Sunday 18th of July 2021. As of Monday 19th of July, based on U.K government roadmap and Mr Boris Johnson’s 5th of July 2021 announcement , all restrictions are lifted and there will be no need to follow any social distancing rule or wear masks indoors. So, our swim teachers don’t need to observe the social distancing rules when they are teaching lessons and coaching swimming anymore.


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Marjan Moosavi, founder of Blue Wave Swim is with a group of her swimmers.