What’s the Best Age for a Child to Begin Swimming Lessons?

History of Learning to Swim Swimming is a fun sport and a life skill, and it is no wonder that it’s high on most children’s activity lists. Teaching children to swim dates back to early biblical times and it was part of the ancient school programmes in Greek and Roman empires. Roman soldiers had to Read More

Baby Swimming and Toddler Lessons In France – Montessori Inspired Teaching

In May 2015 I had the privilege to be invited to a swim school in France and observe their baby and toddler swimming classes. Established by clinical psychologist Dr Daniel Zylberberg, the classes are now running in several community centres throughout Paris with the programme offered for children who are up to five years old Read More

How Do You Spot a Good Swimming Teacher?

Swimming is a sport that depends upon developing a base level and gaining skills over time. Most people think that, in swimming, you start with teaching and then move onto coaching. However, the reality is that you never stop teaching swimming, since you always have to show swimmers how it’s done correctly when you teach Read More

Practising ‘Push and Glide’; Learning Fundamentals of Swimming

Learning the Fundamentals with ‘Push & Glide’ Swimming requires a set of skills which can only be built over time by different practices.  A swimmer who swims with correct technique can travel in water with his/her body as close as possible to the surface of water. Swimmers need to do variety of drills and practices to learn Read More