Benefits of Crash Course Private Swimming Lessons for 3 Year Olds

Private Crash Swimming Lessons for Your 3 year olds in October half-term- Can It Be Good For Your Child?

It’s either the start of the October school half-term or it will be starting soon for parents with school-aged children.  It will be a week or two depending on schools but, all schools will be off during the week starting Monday 25th of Oct 2021, so they are free to join our October crash courses. For children who are pre-schoolers, 3 to 4 year olds, and are at the nurseries and get no half-term breaks, the 3 year olds and 4 year olds can still benefit from our October crash course, specially from 1:1 lessons and here’s why:

Private Swimming Crash Course in Half-Term for Pre-Schoolers

The good this about our intensive swim lessons during October half-term is that we have early morning swimming lessons at Aspire centre in Southfields.

All pre-schoolers who are at nursery can come to our early morning lessons and then go to their nursery after the lessons. How good is that?!

Just a reminder that for children above 3 years old that they don’t need to be in water with parents or nanny.

Our 1:1 lessons are great way to introduce the pre-schoolers to having swim lessons independent from their parents.

We offer 5-Day 1:1 swim lessons part of our October crash course at Aspire centre in Southfields in Wandsworth in SW18.

The Benefit of Private Swimming Lessons for 3 year olds in Half-Terms

In one week of half-term, your 3 year old can have a chance to do one lesson every day, Monday to Friday, which is great way to catch up with swimming. This could be extremely advantageous if your child particularly has not done a great deal of swimming or missed out on doing any baby or toddler lessons due to COVID pandemic and repeated pool closures.

Our October half-term 5-Day private course could be the perfect start to your pre-schooler’s swimming journey.

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